5 Sensi - the Eatinerante restaurant of Malo

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5 Sensi - the Eatinerante restaurant of Malo
Via Montello 7, Malo
Tel. 0445 607976
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The 5 Sensi was opened in 2001 in Malo, where it has operated as a restaurant with a contemporary cuisine, with an eye for raw ingredients from the land and their seasonality. In 2005, driven by customer demand, they created the service of bespoke Catering and Banqueting.

Morgan Pasqual likes to call it a "territorial extended cuisine", or rather a "territorial fusion" cuisine. Surely the international experience of the chef influenced his way of working, opening it to a creative approach.

But Morgan loves simple cooking, without exasperated modernisms. Prefers the craftsmanship of raw materials, the careful choice of products and suppliers, and respect for what each season has to offer. But he does not just choose what his province suggests. To the typical products of the territory of Vicenza in fact he adds the excellence of the different regions of Italy, with some minor encroachment into France.

Morgan loves using a lot of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil to create light but tasty dishes. The menu includes a choice of meat and fish and seasonal vegetables.

Il Ceppo - Gastronomy and Tastings

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Il Ceppo - Gastronomy and Tastings
Corso Palladio 196, Vicenza
Tel. 0444 544414
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Osvaldo Boscolo founded IL CEPPO in 1971 in Corso Palladio, in the heart of the historic centre of Vicenza. It is a shop destined to become one of the most celebrated venues in the gastronomy sector of Vicenza. The gastronomic offer of the shop at the end of the 80s leads to the expansion of productive activity (with an area of ​​about 3000 square meters) in Monticello Conte Otto, in order to start a large-scale production. Also in the year 1999 a Self Service Restaurant has been opened to cheer the lunch breaks of an increasingly large and affectionate public.

The main pride of the company is "The Bacalà alla Vicentina", a typical traditional dish, the first reference of the company's production. Proudly for the past two years they have been the official supplier to the "Feast of Bacalà alla Vicentina" in the village of Sandrigo (Vi).

It is possible to reserve tasting "tours" of local products and wines.

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